Monday, June 30, 2008

I Googled Myself

Darlings, I was googling myself (oh, admit you do it too! And it's not a sin when it's done right, my dears) when I came across this little quote. While it does include the word "Gregarious" it does not describe me. Nonetheless, I find it charming.

The metaphor of the king as the shepherd of his people goes back to ancient Egypt. Perhaps the use of this particular convention is due to the fact that, being stupid, affectionate, gregarious, and easily stampeded, the societies formed by sheep are most like human ones.
Northrop Frye

How would that look on a needlepoint pillow, I wonder? Enrique! Get out the thread.


Dr. Zaius said...
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Dr. Zaius said...

Indeed. Here is the church, here is the steeple. Open the doors and there's the sheeple!

Power to the sheeple!

Angry Ballerina said...

nice one Dr. Z.

Utah Savage said...

Zing them in there Dr. Z!