Sunday, August 17, 2008

Run Around Naked? Why I'd Love To!

Darlings, when a "clothing optional" beach is named 'Wreck Beach' I think to myself, 'Well, there's truth in advertising!' I mean, really, with the most delicate respect, I generally don't want to see North Americans at beaches with their parts all hanging out. (Dear South Americans-you are another story altogether!)

But really dears! I just had to head to Vancouver for today's Wreck Beach 12th Annual Bare Buns Run. Look for me! I'll be the blond with the pink holster!! And nothing else!!

1 comment:

Dr. Zaius said...

Hey! "Everybody Wins! Everyone who crosses the finish line receives a Certificate of Participation"!

Can I go by golf cart? Much more dignified for an ape of my tender disposition, you know...