Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Surf Oak Street!

Often overlooked in the land of great big waters is the fact that Chicago rides the waves that are Lake Michigan. I thought I'd do some urban beach babying -- Chicago's Oak Street Beach is really really close to the Magnificent Mile -- but the weather turned ugly.

What to do but seek out the best Tiki Bar in all of the Midwest? Yes, dears, it's Mai Tai's with the Mister and Miz Bubs.

Heaven. And we never did stop for the tornados!


Krikket said...

No, no, no...

The best Tiki bar in the Chicagoland area is the Island Breeze Bar & Grill, followed by Mango's. Both of which are part of the Holiday Inn in Elmhust, Illinois.

Trust me. I know what I'm talking about. I bartend at both of the bars.

(aka Doug Krick, founder, Pink Pistols International)

Unconventional Conventionist said...

Were you drinking Hurricanes again? :)

Krikket said...

Nah. I tend to drink Vodka martini's (xtra dry, chilled, rocks glass) or Tequila straight-up.

Aside from the standard flavored margaritas, daiquiri's, and coladas, the most popular tropical drinks are probably Mai Tai's followed by Bahama Mamas. I only serve one or two hurricanes a week.

Stop on by sometime. I work at Island Breeze Friday evenings, Saturday (all day) and Sunday days, and then at Mango's on Sunday night and Monday days. (If you go to the waterpark bar (Island Breeze, just tell 'em you there to see me and they'll let you in.)

Krikket said...

BTW: How does one become an honorary member of LGPPP? Sure, I may have testes, but I'm also known on stage as Katrina Kalishnakova-Buckingham-Fontaine, former Grand Marquiessa of the Imperial Windy City Court of the Prarie State Empire, Inc., NFP. My journal can be found at http://gkrikket.livejournal.com