Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Darlings, my perusal of the interwebs on my fab iPhone has brought me such great news. Forget the "Summer of Love" bring on the "Summer of Lesbians".

First, though it saddens me that the lovely Portia de Rossi is no longer single, I'm happy that the equally lovely Ellen DeGeneres was able to scoop her up and make each other their betrothed. Ah. Love.

And second, you've all heard the fab news about Rachel Maddow. (via Dr. Zaius)She'll be exchanging the current hot air for fresh air in the stagnant world of cable punditry . Sweet.

While we're at it, lets wish for a trifecta, shall we? What if Barack Obama were to choose the wonderfully out gal pol, Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin for Veep? I know, I know. Greedy little dreams.

Still, I'm quite happy today.

Back to the beach, my dears.


Dr. Zaius said...

A guy on FOX News said that he thought that because Barack Obama’s Vice Presidential Nominee will speak on the same night as Former President Bill Clinton that the VP choice will be Hillary Clinton, because nobody except Hillary Clinton would be overshadowed by Bill Clinton. Interesting theory.

dguzman said...

Sweet days for lesbians! Bring 'em on!