Monday, July 9, 2007

Glorious Women of the LGPPP - Attend to My Words!


Our Devious Dyke in Downtown D.C. readies to leave her car in order to dispense the Neckrub of Doom to the World's Self-Proclaimed Dictator, Dick Cheney. Note the keenness of her eyes, her treacherous tank-top and her long, lanky, luscious legs.... ummmm... anyway, Our Communications Center will keep your Dynamite Leader appraised of every moment in her mission until it reaches its Climactic Climax.

In other news, Dr. Zaius - of Zaius Nation has craftily proffered a possible alliance with LGPPP. We will meet later in the Rumpus Room for Beer and Blondes to debate the matter more fully.

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