Monday, July 9, 2007

Ladies of LGPPP, Attend!

Dr. Zaius has reached me with further intelligence:

"Aside from being a orangutan world leader from the future, I am also a member of Cap’n Dyke's crew, which is how I found your link.

I am presently in a struggle with several bloggers for the leadership of the planet. Perhaps if we formed an alliance, we could power broker them out of the way. The most inept, and yet the most evil these upstarts is Dr. Monker Von Monkerstein. I am sure that with your help, we could easily defeat him, and his evil little frog.

By the way, I have recently acquired a cache of fembot assassins from Dr. Goldfoot. Perhaps the could work in tandem with your lesbots." - Dr. Z

Fellow Gang Members of the LGPPP, it is in your hands (Betty, take your hands off Vicky - that's not what I meant). Shall we step forward in an 'Unholy Pact' with this Simian Strongman? 

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