Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gregarious Christmas Memories

It's never to early to learn demolition. Hard targets are no longer a challenge with the Glambo Signature Series EZ-Boom Oven. Locked out of the clubhouse? Fight back! Includes enough of her patented, quick-setting mix to make one pound of plastique and will provide your child with hours of fun. (Safety armor not included.)
A bargain at only $323.95!

This sends me straight back to those halcyon Christmas mornings of my youth! Ma Mere et Pere Gregarious smiling beatifically down at me as I discovered the joys of plastique!

And, darlings! there's a whole website full of toys just like I had when I was un petite fille. Glamguns! It is so absolutely fabulous that I may just have to go to some godforsaken third world country just to adopt me a baby girl to buy these things for! (And to inherit my empire, of course).


Liberality said...

wow. I couldn't get an easy bake oven when I was 8 years old and it was my heart's one desire. imagine asking for something like this!

Dr. Zaius said...

You must have had a splendid childhood! And what a great link. What a great place to do some last minute Christmas shopping!

An old girlfriend of mine from years ago had a Sylvia Plath Easy-Bake Oven. She was always moody for some reason.

GETkristiLOVE said...

My sister had the EZ Bake Oven... I wasn't into it. Instead, I had G.I. Joes and the Landrovers that spun off twirly things. Glamguns sound like fun!