Thursday, January 17, 2008

Darlings, a joke

Two beautiful young lesbians were in a poetry contest. The two ladies were tied at the end of several rounds so the judges decided that to break the tie each nubile beauty would have to compose a poem on the spot. The poem had to include the word 'Timbuktu'

The first divine daughter of Sappho arose, walked to the microphone, cleared her throat and began:

As I crossed the barren sand,
I gazed upon a golden land
And as I traveled on that day
I spied a silhouette, far, far away.
A special caravan came into view-
Its destination: Timbuktu

The crowd erupted in cheers. Then the second lady, more a sister of Velma Dinkley than a daughter of Sappho, timidly approached the microphone. She stared at the floor, gathering her thoughts. The audience could smell the desperation.

Suddenly, she began:

Tim and me,
a huntin' we did went
We spied three maidens
in a tent
Since them was three
and we was two
I buck one
and Tim buck two.

Well, darlings. You know who won.

Is that joke funny when you read it? I positively loved it when Portia de Rossi first told it to me. Maybe it's more of an oral thing. It's a dickens to memorize if you've had some mai tai's though.