Monday, September 3, 2007

My "Interview" with a Vampire

As you know, Bill O'Reilly of Fox News seems to have a little problem with lesbian gangs packing pink pistols. Because I am a stand-up girl I thought I'd go on the "Factor" and deal mano a wo-mano with Bill. I was prepared for his legendary half-wittedness, his "shut up shut up shut up" entreaties to his guests, and pretty much planned to have my mike cut.

I wanted to talk about the lesbian gangs, sure. But I also wanted to cover the issues that are important to me, and to talk about the Gregarious/Zaius campaign.

However, I forgot about the power of "the girls". I went on with the hypno-tits. Whoops.

Here's the transcript:


pissed off patricia said...

Good one! If you talk to bill, be ready to talk to a crazy person.

Germaine Gregarious said...

Really, the best part was waiting and hoping that his slobber would short circuit his mike.

One can always hope.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Good thing that it was a no-spin zone or else he may have asked you to perfomr some tricks.

SamuraiFrog said...

You don't really need hypno-tits to make Bill O'Reilly into a dribbling moron, but it is fun to watch.

I can assure you, though, that I am a spokesman against little frogs with swords. Safety first!

Ah, Ms. Gregarious, how it pains me to see Maurice "Zaius" and Jon the Intergalactic Plastic Action Doll getting chummier and chummier with each other, playing with their giant Jimmy Olsen toys, while you do all the hard campaign work and Mr. "Zaius" pretends that you are to be his vice-president, and not the other way around. You should hear who the Martians think is the one with the right political stuff...

Germaine Gregarious said...

Ah, Monsieur petite grenouille - are you making overtures? Are you going to leave the campaign of the vacationing red fezzter?

BTW-thanks for the lovely pics over at your place. I'm not getting much work done when you are posting all those babes.

Dr. Zaius said...

Sheer genius, Ms. Gregarious! Your hypnotic control over Bill O'Really's loofah is hilarious! You have certainly broadened the overall message to include those things that are truly important in life, and in doing so you have raised the bar of American politics! You are to be commended.

Really, Mister Frog, shouldn't you just set aside your hostility for the time being and join the party? Have some fun! Let your hair down! Or lets you gills down, or whatever. Don't be a party pooper!

SamuraiFrog said...

No, prob, Ms. G. Overtures? Me? I don't know, it depends on what other parties have to offer. I mean, on the one hand, there are hypnotits and the grit to lead. On the other, there's Zaius. So I'm a little torn.

This is all theoretical, of course.